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Newsletter  01/2016

Dear Subscribers

As you know Giles Watson sadly died in July 2015 and for this reason, some of you have not received replies to your mails.

The site has been reactivated and is now back on line with full graphics and technology to recover the cultural and linguistic legacy that Giles' left us. 

 You are receiving this mail because you have registered with the site in the past. You can now logon using your email address (the one to which this mail is addressed) as your "username" and your surname as "password" with the initial letter in upper case and the rest in lower case. If you have attempted to enter with different capitalisation (e.g. "rossi" or "ROSSI") and access has been denied, you can request a new password. If you wish to modify your profile, you can do so by on clicking on the top right of the page. 

 This mail is being sent to all the subscribers to the site You may cancel the registration at any time. For information on the use of the new site, please send a mail to at(at) Alternatively you can choose not to receive further communications, by modifying your profile. 

 In the near future a new editorial team made up of experts in the field will be formed to maintain contact with subscribers and carry on the outstanding work begun by Giles.

Best wishes, 

WWG webmaster
Alessandro Tuveri