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Watson’s Wine Glossary was launched in 2001 by the late Giles Watson as a quick reference tool to enable geographically scattered translators to render wine-related terms, particularly tasting terminology, in a consistent manner. Watson’s Wine Glossary is open to the public but you will have to register to use the site. The information required has been kept to a bare minimum, which it is hoped will help to improve the focus of the term base.

The material in this glossary (now including thousands of terms) was accumulated during the translation of various books and magazines for wine-sector publishers and of material for a large number of direct clients.

Watson’s Wine Glossary is accessible only via this website. It is not available commercially.

If you cannot find the term you are looking for here, or if you have an additional term pair you think would be useful, please get in touch by using the form to suggest a new term,  preferably including the original context of your term in English and/or Italian.

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